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Skincare Tweaks That Will Help you Save the Ocean

Skincare Tweaks That Will Help you Save the Ocean

The ocean accounts for more than 70% of the Earth's surface, and 97% of all water on the planet. About 80% of marine pollution comes by way of land, from septic tanks, motor vehicles, and larger agricultural sources via storm drains and sewers. Right now, there are at least 87,000 tons of everyday objects, mainly plastics, comprising a "garbage patch" roughly four times the size of the entire state of California.

Embrace reusable makeup wipes
Disposable makeup-removing wipes are a *BIG* problem for the environment - oceans included. Most wipes aren’t biodegradable and many aren’t able to be removed during wastewater treatment, which sends them out into the ocean. Not cool. Add to that the issue of these wipes containing plastic fibres such as polyester and rayon, which contaminate our water.

Face scrubs are not equal
Many scrubs contain exfoliating beads that are made from plastic. When these bits of plastic run down the drain, they don’t degrade or dissolve, and they don’t get caught by wastewater treatment systems. Instead, they head straight into the sea, where they can have harmful effects - fish may mistake them for food and they are basically impossible to remove from the ocean. Look for scrubs that are formulated with biodegradable exfoliating ingredients, such as jojoba beads, coffee grounds and sugar.

Plastic-free packaging
Plastic and the ocean don’t mix. According to Plastic Oceans International, eight million tons of plastic are being dumped into the ocean every year. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates there'll be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

Now more than ever wellness brands are taking a stand to save the ocean from toxic chemicals and enormous plastic waste due to its longterm damage on Mother Nature. By supporting businesses that help the save water, the impact of your dollar consciously makes the world a better place for you and generations to come.

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