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5 Tips & Tricks To Save Water in the Yard and Garden

5 Tips & Tricks To Save Water in the Yard and Garden
  1. Don’t Run the Hose While Washing Your Car. This simple practice can save as much as 100 gallons when washing a car.

  2. Use a Broom, Not a Hose, to Clean Driveways and Sidewalks

  3. Cover Swimming Pools to Reduce Evaporation. Swimming pools can lose an inch or more of water each week to evaporation. Temperature, humidity, wind, and the way the pool is situated can all affect how quickly water evaporates. To save thousands of gallons of pool water each season, get a cover for your pool.

  4. Check for Leaks in Pipes, Hoses, Faucets and Couplings. Leaks outside the house may not seem as bad since they’re not as visible. But they can be just as wasteful as leaks indoors. Check frequently to keep them drip-free.

  5. Reuse Wastewater Where Possible. “Grey water” is the water draining from your house’s sinks, bathtubs, and laundry machine, which can be used to water plants (as opposed to “black water” from toilets, which needs to be treated).

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